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Viewpoints on Impact Investing

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Viewpoints on the Forefront

Diversity Is the Lifeblood of Progress

Diversity is the lifeblood of social, economic, and political progress, and policies that impede this value weakens our ability to innovate and implement social change.

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Echoing Green: A Social Innovation Fund

Echoing Green is a social innovation fund that acts as a catalyst for impact. Our global nonprofit works to find extraordinary individuals, who have influential ideas and original solutions. We unite this diverse group of innovators, instigators, pioneers, and rebels to form a fellowship of passionate, global leaders. With access to funding, grants, and strategic foundational support, we can accelerate the positive vision these leaders have for the world. 

We find rare and exceptional emerging leaders.
We forge a community of global pioneers.
We accelerate these leaders to impact the world.

Awarding Millions in Social Entrepreneurship Funding Each Year

Whether it’s social entrepreneurs, impact investors, or business leaders, we work to catalyze the ability of emerging leaders with purpose to impact the world and drive social progress further, faster. For 30 years, we have worked to find rare and exceptional leaders, forge a community of global pioneers, and offer them unrestricted seed-stage funding and strategic foundational support.

Around the world, Echoing Green Fellows work on issues such as:
 Economic Development
, Education

, Environmental Sustainability
, Health

, Justice & Human Rights
, Hunger & Poverty Alleviation, and Racial & Gender Equity

To learn more about the projects supported by Echoing Green, read more about our fellows. 
Are you the next emerging leader of social innovation? Apply today to receive funding for your organization.