Vivus Renewables

Richard Seshie

Program Area: Food &  Agriculture
Location of Impact: Ghana

Bold Idea: Transform the supply chain of food crops feeding Ghanaian cities with adapted rural transportation and mobile technology, while making agro-residues available for conversion into renewable energy.

Why I'm Passionate About This: The Ghanaian domestic food supply chain is plagued by logistics and storage challenges, which result in approximately 30 percent crop rot, high consumer prices, and POVERTY for farmers. For years, I worked in the nonprofit sector on sustainability-related projects. After being in India, where power is inconsistent, I discovered that agro-waste can be used to produce energy. Because farmers originate both crops and waste, I realized that a common infrastructure could serve both issues. Vivus Renewables combines adapted rural transportation like cargo bikes, CARTS, and mobile technology to transform the supply chain of crops and make agro-residues available for energy, replacing problems with progress.

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