Vive Responsable Vive Responsable

Ana Karla Perea Blazquez and Armando Orellana Zúñiga

Program Area: Poverty Alleviation & Economic Development
Location of Impact: Mexico

Bold Idea: Inspire Mexicans to support their own economy by buying local products through a social movement paired with a commercial platform connecting suppliers to consumers

Why We're Passionate About This: Small local producers in Mexico create outstanding products that fail to reach consumers because of inadequate sales and communication channels. As a result, 48 percent of Mexico’s GDP is generated by .2 percent of businesses. Since adolescence, we’ve been committed to helping communities and changing Mexico’s status quo. Ana Karla volunteered at Yale’s urban farm and Armando assisted local producers with marketing strategies. Together, we realized how important consumption choices are for small producers. Vive Responable strengthens both the supply and demand of local products, while fostering local innovation, creating jobs, and reducing greenhouse emissions.

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