Echoing Green Brand Style Guide

Who is this guide for?

Staff and Consultants

This site provides guidance to anyone creating Echoing Green marketing or brand assets. These brand guidelines help us all “speak Echoing Green”.

Staff Rep: Cara Lee
Designers’ Rep: Kit Ballum Cohen

Fellows and Partners

You will find the tools, assets, and guidance you need for displaying and promoting your affiliation with Echoing Green.

Affiliate Rep: Cara Lee


Press and Media

This site focuses on the visuals you may need to feature, reference, or accompany information about Echoing Green. Visit our Press Page for additional information.

Media Rep: Lindsay Booker


Our Logo

Elements and Variations

The logo has two components: the brandmark and wordmark.



The brandmark depicts three circles overlapping in specific proportions and arrangements, and should never appear without the wordmark at its center. The brandmark is represented in seven distinct colors (see Graphics > Logo Colors below).

The wordmark is set in customized Titling Gothic Bold Condensed, and is set on two lines, justified left. The wordmark is set in white within the brandmark. Alternately, the wordmark can be used alone where space or color restrictions stipulate, or for textured or busy backgrounds.



Together, these two elements comprise the Echoing Green logo. Designed as a flexible system, the elements can be configured in an infinite number of combinations, two of which are approved for general use.

Two new alternate designs have been added to the brand guide.



The one-color dotmark, for applications allowing very minimal space, is set in Echoing Green brand color 'Victory'. Maximum size is 40px; minimum size is 16px.

A single-line adaptation of the wordmark is currently approved exclusively for mobile views of the Echoing Green website.


Treat the logo nicely.


✔  Use these graphics to link to Echoing Green.

✔  Use these graphics when mentioning Echoing Green in an article or in print.

✔  Use these graphics to promote approved events, messages, and programs officially organized, sponsored, or otherwise affiliated with Echoing Green.

✔  Use these graphics to promote your Echoing Green Fellowship on your website, social media channels, or marketing materials.


✘  Manipulate or recreate the logo. Our internal team often uses alternate versions of our flexible logo; if you wish to use one of these variations, or to create your own, contact us for guidance.

✘  Imply sponsorship, endorsement, or association with Echoing Green, unless an official partner, supporter, or Fellow.

✘  Use our logos in a way that is harmful, deceptive, obscene or otherwise objectionable to the average person, or in connection with content that disparages us or sullies our reputation.

✘  Use any branded artwork or media from our site without permission. See Content Rights & License for more information.


Clear Space / Alignment

To ensure that the Echoing Green logo is presented in the best possible manner, a minimum buffer zone of clear space should always be maintained around the logo. Other logos, graphics or copy must be kept out of this zone— our logo may not be “locked up” with any other logos, text, or images, except for authorized Echoing Green-hosted events.

This clear space equals the height of one “E”.

Regardless of whether using the complete logo or the wordmark, the artwork should align with text, margins, or other images along the left, top, and/or bottom of the wordmark.



A Note on Cropping

The Echoing Green logo and brandmark are designed to float outside of the boundaries of a layout, or into the borders of other elements, on professionally designed web and marketing materials only. Do not crop, cover, overlay, or change the transparency of the logo on documents, reports, or on any materials not created by Echoing Green.


We’ve provided vector and web versions of our logo and wordmark for approved uses.








Echoing Green uses specific weights of Titling Gothic and Sentinel.

Arial and Georgia are acceptable replacements when brand fonts are not available.

A Note on Word Documents

The systems font Georgia is better suited for main body texts in Microsoft Word and other word processing applications (it’s also the font you’re reading right now on this website). If you do decide to use Sentinel, do not use the bold or italicize functions built into the application. You must select the fonts Sentinel Bold or Sentinel Italic.

Contact your Communications rep to download Echoing Green brand fonts.


Brand Colors

The updated brand palette includes the colors of the three circles of the brandmark, our legacy “headline blue” and four fiery new colors. (rev11.15_sbc)



r111 g179 b71
c51 m0 y86 k0
PMS 368


r130 g202 b156
c50 m0 y50 k0
PMS 7479


r52 g195 b224
c65 m0 y10 k0
PMS 311


r0 g103 b149
c100 m15 y4 k24
PMS 3015


r52 g62 b61
c74 m60 y60 k50


r230 g100 b0
c5 m75 y100 k0


r255 g193 b0
c0 m24 y100 k0


r249 g244 b190
c5 m5 y28 k0

Logo Colors

Always use provided approved logo artwork. Color builds are offered here for ensuring accuracy in high-quality printing.


Big Circle ●

c51 m0 y86 k0
PMS 368

Big & Med Overlap ●

c80 m0 y75 k0
PMS 7482

Medium Circle ●

c50 m0 y50 k0
PMS 7479

Med & Small Overlap ●

c70 m0 y34 k0
PMS 3265

Small Circle ●

c65 m0 y10 k0
PMS 311

Big & Small Overlap ●

c95 m0 y15 k0
PMS 312

Center Overlap ●

c100 m0 y45 k0
PMS 3272



Bold and geometric icons are an important part of the Echoing Green visual brand. While they can be implemented either literally or metaphorically, our icons always depict recognizable objects, and not abstract concepts (i.e., “flag”, not “leadership”). Their style mimics our wordmark with precise interiors and rounded edges. Download Echoing Green branded icons from Lingo. (rev 11.16 sbc)





Photography is the simplest and most direct way to communicate the dedication and impact of our global community.

We do our best to highlight best practices in photography in our Flickr albums. Posted photos are available for use under a Creative Commons license unless otherwise indicated. See Content Rights & License for more information. See us on Flickr. 

Take your best shot.


✔  Feature Fellows and their teams in action, in the community in which they work.

✔  Include faces of Fellows, their teams, and their constituents. (With sensitivity to whether the latter might be prohibited or inappropriate.)

✔  Include tools and locations that best exemplify the work.

✔  Get up close and personal!

✔  Be true to life – not sepia, black and white, blurred, or filtered. Natural lighting, rather than artificial lighting, is preferred.


✘  Exploit people in poor living conditions or health in order to force an emotional response. We strive to focus on solutions, leadership, and hope.

✘  Stage candids that are awkward or unrealistic.

✘  Use images of children, landscapes, or animals without clear purpose and context.

✘  Use photos of the backs of people's heads, dense settings without a clear focal point, or those with obscure backgrounds.

!  See Content Rights & License for more information.


Strong Examples




For specific information pertaining to videos, presentations, event and program branding, and other digital media, contact Kit Ballum Cohen.