Re-Nuble, IncRe-Nuble, Inc

Tinia Pina

Program Area: Environment
Location of Impact: United States

Bold Idea: Reduce waste by providing a local disposal service to the D.C. food industry to encourage recycling.

Why I'm Passionate About This: Food service providers lack an inexpensive and efficient way to be sustainable. In D.C., the majority of the unemployed are ex-offenders unable to find low-skill job opportunities. As a community leader in several organizations, I’ve developed programs and gained valuable insights on sustainability. As a society, we’re on the verge of multiple natural resource crises. I want to engage businesses to help reverse this trend. Re-Nuble, Inc. will increase recycling by the food service industry while providing employment to D.C. residents with criminal records. We collect food service refuse in bins that monitor waste volumes. Our pricing model reduces client disposal costs and incents higher recycling rates.

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