Change the world with us.

Before you can change the world, you must first believe it to be possible. Echoing Green Fellows have visions of a more equitable and sustainable world, and bold new ideas for driving us forward. For three decades, we have sought out and supported emerging talent determined to bring about that change.

Today, the world is in dire need of more visionary leaders, buoyed by optimism and hope. By supporting our work, you ensure that we can continue catalyzing these leaders as they take on the world's biggest problems.

Video transcript:

Want to change the world with us?
Bring your
Optimism First.

Bring your ideas –
Your big, bold ideas.
Bring your radical, restorative, regenerative ideas.

Bring your passion, compassion –
And your excitement. Your commitment. And your drive.
Bring your purpose.

Know your strength –
and bring it. You’ll need it.
Bring your humility –
And own it.

Bring your support. Your resources.
Bring your investment.
Time. Money. Connections. Advice, tools, skills.

Bring everything you can gather.
Can carry. Bring everyone –
We’ll need everyone. (Bring everything they can carry, too.)

But above all. Bring your hope.
Bring your dreams. Your big, bold dreams.
Bring your talent. Your solutions. Yes.

If you want to change the world with us,
Bring your
Optimism First.