Tom Ochieng' Odoyo

Program Area: Environment
Location of Impact: Kenya

Bold Idea: Use effective, low maintenance construction techniques to create affordable water storage tanks, food granaries, housing, and other structures for the poorest Kenyans.

Why I'm Passionate About This: Kenya is the epicenter of a housing and sanitation crisis, with three million people living in subsistent slum dwellings and 43 percent of households lacking adequate sanitation. But there is a new industrial movement afoot. Enabled by the global distribution of FabLabs and connectivity of the digital age, developing countries can benefit from cutting-edge technology. As a pioneer of FabLab Nairobi, I have in-depth experience with digital fabrication, and understand how to develop appropriate technologies for real-world solutions. With LocalDM structures, residents of slums will be able to afford locally produced infrastructure solutions, like safe and sanitary homes, leading to improved health and better lives.

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