2012 Finalists for Echoing Green Fellowship



Deepa Gupta

Program Area: Public Service & Civic Engagement
Location of Impact: India

Bold Idea: Shake up the political status quo in India by using the latest digital tools to helps citizens hold political, corporate, and cultural leaders accountable at key moments.

Why I'm Passionate About This: India is ranked 95 on Transparency International’s Corruption Index and citizens see this corruption daily. My father’s childhood in poverty facing discrimination, the oppression of women in my family, and daily injustices in India caused me to be passionate about justice. I spent my childhood in Australia, a functional democracy, and developed a vision for making India a more representative democracy. The most effective ways to impact change are deep grassroots movements. Jhatkaa is poised to be the first and only organization in India to engage mass grassroots advocacy across a range of issue areas using the latest digital technology.

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Congrats to the the 2012 Echoing Green Fellowship Finalists. Spread the word! http://ht.ly/adLiK

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