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We embrace smart risks and bold new ideas.

Our Fellows approach old problems in new ways and disrupt the status quo for good. Learn from our 30 years as the social impact sector’s leading talent scout, and share in our Fellows' success stories.

Knowledge on Entrepreneurship and the Forefront

The Data: Seven Trends We’re Seeing in 2015

Knowledge on Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing

2015 Snapshot of For-Profit and Hybrid Fellowship Applications

Investing in Emerging Social Entrepreneurs to Build Family Economic Security

Knowledge on Impact Investing

This essay was published as part of Aspen Institute's Bottom Line: Impact Investing for Economic Mobility in the U.S. Report.

The Echoing Green Fellowship: Our Philosophy of Fellow Support

Knowledge on Entrepreneurship

Although an Individualized Fellow Plan must reflect the unique circumstances of a particular Fellow, we have come to believe that there are at least four basic building blocks of success for any early stage social entrepreneur.

Knowledge on Impact Investing

Funding Social Enterprises

Knowledge on Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing

2014 Snapshot of For-Profit and Hybrid Fellowship Applications

The Echoing Green Fellowship: Building a Lifelong Fellow Community

Knowledge on Leadership

Echoing Green has built an extraordinary network of social entrepreneurs by selecting and supporting emerging talent for a two-year fellowship. We believe that we can also play an important long-term role in supporting these leaders to achieve even greater social impact.

The Echoing Green Fellowship: Identifying Promising Leaders

Knowledge on Leadership

Our investments come at the end of rigorous diligence process using a common rubric of eight criteria for success that we have developed and refined over decades.

Knowledge on Impact Investing

In Search of the Hybrid Ideal

Knowledge on Entrepreneurship and Purpose

Work on Purpose


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