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December 6, 2016

UpStart with Laura Dunn

Laura Dunn, 2015 Fellow and Founder of SurvJustice in conversation with Melissa Jeltsen, senior reporter at HuffPost, where she covers domestic violence and other issues related to women’s health, safety, and security.

SurvJustice works to increase the prospect of justice for survivors of campus sexual violence by assisting survivors, empowering activists, and supporting institutions.

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UpStart is an up-close and inspiring discussion series about solutions in context.

We invite you to join our Fellows in conversation with special guests from the field to explore their bold ideas for social change, and why their work matters today, to you, and to the world.

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One of our core values is to allow survivors to define what justice means to them. It could be a criminal conviction… but it could also just be an acknowledgment.