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January 21, 2016 | Lindsay Booker

Social Impact Headlines: Jan 21, 2016

Image credit: Village of Wisdom

Echoing Green sits at a nexus of change: our global community includes activists, entrepreneurs, investors, students, and more. This community seizes new opportunities to engage old challenges: we debate solutions, celebrate achievements, and become inspired by different perspectives. Motivated by this, we’ve decided to share articles that have piqued interest among the Echoing Green community with you on our blog. Take a look at these headlines to put more social impact news on your radar, and join us to debate about, question, and share what’s new in social change.

This week's headlines cover stand-up comedy, "born social" businesses, and black genius.

  • Echoing Green Fellow William Jackson ’14 states that nurturing and protecting Black Genius in black children will help to deconstruct racism. "To really accomplish this plan of protection, it's critical that we leverage the collective power of the diaspora, here in the United States and globally…We must create a Village of Wisdom."
    HuffPo Black Voices | William P. Jackson
  • Children learn at different paces. Echoing Green Fellows Richard Wilson and Justin Matthys '14 created an online learning tool that tailors math curriculum to the pace of students, allowing students to learn different concepts at the same time as their classmates.
    The Guardian
  • Learning how youth in resource-constrained environments perceive innovation. Among other themes, local knowledge and experience leads to the creation of practical and innovative solutions for local problems. 
    Stanford Social Innovation Review | Shruthi Baskaran & Khanjan Mehta
  • "Poverty is at the center of almost every crisis in the world." As they shares the goals of their foundation at the World Economic Forum in Davos this week, Bill and Melinda Gates also call for more research & development funding in order to achieve the Global Goals targets.
    Project Syndicate | Bill & Melinda Gates
  • Making a difference adds business value. It’s possible to create a successful business that stakes out market position that are driven by social values. Three things are driving the “Born Social” business model.
    Fortune | Jerry O'Dwyer, John Mennel, Nate Wong
  • Georgia is the number one state in the U.S. for growth of women-owned businesses. Atlanta is helping to put the state on the map, boasting key conditions for startups seeking growth, innovation, and access to capital.
    Entrepreneur | Darrah Brustein