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February 18, 2016 | Lindsay Booker

Social Impact Headlines: Feb 18, 2016

A Noora Health user practices taking his father's pulse. Image credit: Noora Health

This week's headlines cover ecological human composting, NGOs exploring impact investing, and changing the hiring paradigm.

  • Entrepreneurship goes beyond what you do - it can be integral to who you are. Echoing Green Fellow Daquan Oliver '15 and founder of WeThrive "turns obstacles into opportunities - and helps other young people do the same.
    Nationswell | Chris Peak
  • With the right tools and training, surgical patients can heal at home with an increased chance of recovery. Edith Elliott and Katy Ashe, 2015 Echoing Green Fellows, launched Noora Health to train patients and their families to provide effective post-surgical care at home. This month, they were recognized by Fast Company as one of the 50 most innovative companies in the world.
    Fast Company

Words of note

Hiring people of color is not charity work and a belief that diversity is giving back to me smacks of paternalism.

Laura Weidman Powers '13, founder of CODE2040.

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  • We have choices when it comes to how we die. Echoing Green Fellow Katrina Spade and fellow alternative death care advocates are seeking to expand death care options to include a sustainable and ecological process that still honors the emotional challenges of losing a loved one.
    Broadly | Kat Kranzler
  • "It’s ok to ask for and to receive help, to realize that enough is enough, and to say you can’t do it alone anymore," says Echoing Green Fellow Lauren Burke. "Sometimes, our brains are broken, our bodies are weak, or our chemistry is unbalanced. And yet we must do wonders with the joyous burden that is being human."
    Forbes | Denise Restauri & Lauren Burke
  • Will New York close Rikers? A commission, led by New York City Council Member, is being formed to determine how to close the jail complex. Echoing Green Fellow Glenn Martin notes that “you must have the voices and the leadership of people who have experienced Rikers Island, people who live in those communities as part of this commission for it to be effective."
    WNYC | Brigid Bergen
  • "Is there room for NGOs in the impact investing ecosystem?" INGOs are exploring whether they can fill gaps in the impact investing ecosystem as entrepreneurship continues to grow as a solution for solving global development challenges.
    DevEx | Adva Saldinger
  • Hiring for "culture fit?" Think again. University of Pennsylvania professor Adam Grant's research makes the case for building teams that are distinct yet compatible. Shifting the paradigm to emphasize cultural contributions could stave off the staleness of groupthink and exclusive, homogeneous workplaces.
    AmeriCorps Alums | Ben Duda