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May 29, 2014

#EGFellows Making Headlines, May 2014

For over 26 years, Echoing Green Fellows have made bold moves to bring positive systemic change to the world we inhabit. The transformations they create address local injustices that impact whole communities, like the work of Jessica Mayberry of Video Volunteers, and strengthen the work across public, private, and social institutions, as evidenced by the work of Avnish Gungadurdoss, who helps ensure that the funding tied to social projects has a direct impact on people's lives. No matter the angle of approach, Echoing Green Fellows go bold, executing on big plans and high-yield moves that elevate the social sector. 

Sasha Charnoff
Andrew Youn
Taking the Plight of Refugees to the White House
Yar Ayuel, a Sudanese-refugee who was helped by 2006 Fellow Sasha Chanoff and his organization Refuge Point, details the pointed vulnerability of women and girls in living in conflict zones.
Kellogg Names Inaugural Class of Youn Impact Scholars
Andrew Youn, 2006 Global Fellow, has been named an inaugural Youn Scholar by the Kellogg School of Business, which established the program to support members of the Kellogg community engaged in social enterprise. 
Jessica Mayberry
Karim Abouelnaga
Video Volunteers: Addressing Governance at Grassroot Levels  
2007 Global Fellow Jessica Mayberry is founder of Video Volunteers which supplies video recorders and journalism training to individuals in underserved communities internationally. The resulting videos expose untold stories to help communities right injustices on a local level.
Not-for-Profit Keeps Students on Track for Summer
Karim Abouelnaga, 2013 Global Fellow, is leading the charge against lost academic gains due to summer break with Practice Makes Perfect, the New York City-based education nonprofit he founded. 
Avnish Gungadurdoss of Instiglio
Vineet Singal
Social Impact Bonds in Latin America: Reframing Social Development in the Region
Avnish Gungadurdoss, 2013 Global Fellow and founding partner of Instiglio, a nonprofit enterprise that designs and distributes Social Impact Bonds, discusses the promise of a recently launched SIB fund in Latin America.
Y Combinator Startup CareMessage Takes Health Care to Low-Income Patients
Vineet Singal, 2013 Global Fellow, is disrupting the health care system by providing patients and health providers with the tools to stay in communication about patient care.

Photo Credits: Avnish Gungadurdoss courtesy Americas Quarterly; Jessica Mayberry courtesy FastCompany