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July 30, 2015

#EGFellows Making Headlines July 2015

Echoing Green Fellows have the gall to think big.  For decades, these committed entrepreneurs have applied smart but untested ideas to address challenges in their communities across the globe. That committment to thinking big - and doing something about it - is what sets leaders of social innovation apart from the rest. As Cheryl Dorsey reflected about our newest class of Fellows, “where some investors look at all the negatives associated with doing business in these areas, others see it as an opportunity to fill a void.” Read on to see where in the world the 2015 Fellows are creating possibility out of the obstacles facing their communities.

Making It Easier for People Living in Slums to Own Their Land
An estimated 1.1 billion slum dwellers live in fear of eviction every day, but 2015 Global Fellow Matt Alexander, co-founder of Suyo, is changing that.
Using Social Incubation to Drive Local Innovation
African Entrepreneur Collective, founded by 2015 Global Fellows Julienne Oyler and Sara Leedom, incubates community entrepreneurs, driving home-grown social innovation to create jobs and boost local economies. 
Health Ideas for Poorer Countries
Kidogo, founded by 2015 Global Fellows Afzal Habib and Sabrina Premji, is an early childhood care and education solution for slum communities in East Africa that's scalable and culturally appropriate - and it's simple.
An Innovative Project to Bring Electricity to Rural India
2015 Climate Fellows Clementine Chambon and Amit Saraogi are transforming rural off-grid communities in India where only 44 percent of households have electrical access by providing clean energy solutions.
A Smart Tractor for African Farmers and Their Tiny Farms
Dubbed the “Zipcar of tractors,” Hello Tractor, founded by 2015 Global Fellow Jehiel Oliver, produces affordable “Smart Tractors” to increase food and income security in sub-Saharan Africa.
Meet BetaBoston’s ’25 Under 25′ winners for 2015
Daquan Oliver, a 2015 Black Male Achievement Fellow and founder of Recesspreneurs, is  named one of the 25 Most Innovative People Under 25 for his innovative and entrepreneurial approach to addressing the opportunity gap among U.S. students of low-income.