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January 9, 2015

#EGFellows Making Headlines January 2015

This January, eighteen Echoing Green Fellows were recognized on Forbes' annual 30 under 30 list for their tenacity, ability to influence change, and creative problem solving as they work to address some of the world's most intractable challenges. The fourth annual list is a presentation of groundbreaking "young game changers, movers, and makers" working in twenty fields, including social entrepreneurship, education, and energy. Congratulations to our Black Male Achievement, Global, and Climate Fellows who were recognized: 2009 Fellow Jonny Dorsey, 2011 Fellow Michael Carter, 2013 Fellows Karim Abouelnaga, Michael Belinsky, Avnish Gungadurdoss, Diana Jue, Jen Porter, Jackie Stenson, and Jane Wilson, and 2014 Fellows Minhaj Chowdhury, Brendan Coffey, Gayatri Datar, Tanyella Evans, Fagan Harris, Kago Kagichiri, Sarah Kearney, Tom Osborn, and Anna Schneider.

Sasha Charnoff
Andrew Youn
Nina Dudnik Receives 2014 John F. Kennedy New Frontier Award 
Nina Dudnik, 2007 Global Fellow and founder of Seeding Labs, received a 2014 John F. Kennedy New Frontier Award presented to "two individuals who demonstrate the impact and the value of public service.”
Iraqis Who Served U.S. Seek Visas...And Wait
The Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project, founded by 2010 Global Fellow Rebecca Heller, was quoted in a Wall Street Journal article addressing the need to continue immigration programs that allow for Iraqis with United States ties to attain refugee status. (Paywall)
Jessica Mayberry
Karim Abouelnaga
Big Ideas in Social Change, 2014
Alejandro Gac-Artigas, 2012 Global Fellow, and his nonprofit Springboard Collaborative, were praised by The New York Times "Fixes" column for empowering lower-income parents in Philadelphia to become involved in their child's education.
Mayor's Office Teams Up with Black Male Engagement Network to Host City's First "Hackathon"
Kalimah Priforce, 2013 Black Male Achievement Fellow and co-founder of Qeyno Labs, organized Philadelphia's first hackathon, held to inspire kids of color to develop an interest in coding. 
Avnish Gungadurdoss of Instiglio
Vineet Singal
Let's Celebrate the Season of Giving
CareMessage, founded by 2013 Global Fellow Vineet Singal, received a $2.3 million Google Impact Award for using mobile technology to improve health literacy for lower income individuals, therefore reducing care costs for organizations and consumers. 
Huffington Post Climate Change Blog
Three 2014 Climate Fellows published articles on HuffPo's Climate Change blog this winter. Ian Monroe framed climate change as a pressing social justice issueKatrina Spade wrote about the effects of death on the environment, and Daniel Hill illustrated how small businesses collectively contribute to global warming.


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