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Zsolt Pethe

2001 Global Fellow
Founder of DIA Foundation for Democratic Youth with Ildiko Garas

Zsolt Pethe 2001 Global Fellow

Bold Idea 

Support young people's active participation in democracy by engaging them in experiential learning activities that develop their democratic skills.


Zsolt Pethe is is currently in charge of new partner development, as well as fundraising, to support the DIA Foundation for Democratic Youth’s programming. He organized DIA's annual Service-Learning Institute in Balatonalmádi, while also developing a network within the Hungarian-American community and organizing a series of fundraisers to support DIA's grassroots program development. His hobbies include playing basketball, traveling, and photography. While in college, Zsolt served as President of Rotaract Club as well as Community Service Chair in Circle K. As of 2017, Zsolt Pethe is also a fundraising consultant at Partners for Funding. 

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