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Yscaira Jimenez

2014 Black Male Achievement Fellow
Founder of Laborx

Yscaira Jimenez 2014 Black Male Achievement Fellow

Bold Idea 

Create a pathway out of poverty for young people without college degrees by offering mobile phone job training and employment matching services.


Laborx is a talent innovation company that improves the employability of underrepresented talent by making job placement solutions accessible via mobile technology. We partner up with foundations, workforce development agencies, local governments, and employers to allow people to explore and apply to living wage jobs, all from a mobile phone. Our vision is to help millions of people in the U.S. and around the world escape and break the cycle of poverty in their families by making it easier to find a living wage job.


Yscaira Jimenez is a Dominican immigrant from the Bronx. Yscaira is inspired by the substance addiction and incarceration struggles of people in her life and feels compelled to use education and employment to break the cycle of poverty. She started a tutoring business in high school helping kids in her neighborhood who were struggling in school. She also founded La Pregunta Arts Cafe, an arts cafe in Harlem, and worked for 3 NY education startups (Rocket Learning, Learn-It Systems, Platform Learning) in business development, operation, and corporate trainer roles bringing tutoring to more than 10,000 low-income students across the U.S. She attended Columbia University and MIT and speaks Spanish, Portuguese, and conversational Italian.

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