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Yohans Wodaje Emiru

2014 Global Fellow
Founder of Telemed Medical Services

Yohans Wodaje Emiru 2014 Global Fellow

Bold Idea 

Optimize existing health resources for people in Ethiopia by leveraging technology that provides reliable, affordable and immediate quality healthcare.


Telemed's mission is to designing solutions to optimize use of existing health infrastructures in Ethiopia. Telemed's first product, Hello Doctor, allows people to use their phone to access various medical services such as medical consultation, ambulance dispatching and home-care booking. Telemed has also built a system that allows for automated remote monitoring of chronic patients with medical conditions like TB and HIV through basic mobile phones. Telemed aspires and works to be the leading telemedicine company in Africa offering underserved communities in emerging markets western standard medical care by leveraging ICT.


Yohans is the founder of Telemed Medical Services. He has vast experience in Adult, Maternal and Child Health, and has worked in various government hospitals in capacities ranging from being a resident GP to managing a regional hospital and a Higher Clinic as the Medical Director. After completing his medical education at the School of Medicine at the Addis Ababa University, he moved to Kebridhar, a remote town in the Ogaden of the Somali Region in Ethiopia to work in a government hospital. It was during this time that he observed, first-hand, the significant limitations in health infrastructures in Ethiopia and became passionately interested in using technology to optimize existing human and physical health resources. His goal became to use technology to unlock access to medical and health related services, for the Ethiopian population. Prior to his work with Telemed, he founded and was the senior editor of www.addishealth.com, a website dedicated to providing localized medical information on topics such as Pregnancy, Parenting, Nutrition and Fitness in Ethiopia's local languages.

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