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William Jackson

Fellowship Advisory Committee Member
2014 Black Male Achievement Fellow
Founder of Village of Wisdom

William Jackson 2014 Black Male Achievement Fellow

Bold Idea 

Enhance the academic achievement of African American boys by equipping parents, guardians and community members with the tools and training critical to supporting the success of their black boys.


Village of Wisdom (VOW) empowers parents to enhance the resilience of their Black boys, promoting greater academic performance. Even great parents need extra support to assist their sons in navigating the unique challenges Black boys face. Led by elder parents, VOW parents form learning communities where they examine proven strategies, surface collective knowledge and develop personal approaches for supporting their children's self-worth and positive identity development. Growing from local communities to a national network, VOW will help families and neighborhoods wrap their sons in the loving protection they need to thrive.


William Jackson is the founder and Executive Director of Village of Wisdom, a non-profit that enhances Black boys' academic achievement by promoting a strong belief in intellectual ability and a resilient racial identity. Becoming the highest performing science teacher in his district at the age of 24, William yearned for avenues to expand his impact on boys and men of color. A year later, he decided to pursue a PhD in Education at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. While at UNC, William attracted the attention of Frontline Solutions, one of the fastest growing consulting firms of color in the US, and was commissioned to design several highly engaging and effective learning environments for both school-age and professional audiences. William has been selected to present at several national and regional conferences on the topics of parent intervention programs and self-regulated learning. As well, he is a former Education Pioneers fellow and a recipient of UNC's Doctoral Merit Fellowship.

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