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Tolulope Sonuyi

2019 Black Male Achievement Fellow
Founder of DLIVE (Detroit Life Is Valuable Everyday) with Raymond Winans

Tolulope Sonuyi 2019 Black Male Achievement Fellow

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Design and create pathways to health for youth who have been acutely injured by community violence by introducing innovative health-centered strategies for violence intervention and prevention.


The DLIVE team speaking at the Blue Cross Health Safety Net Symposium. Photo credit: DLIVE.

DLIVE, a hospital-based violence intervention program, addresses community violence from a public health approach. Its mission is to provide young people and their support teams with the proper information and services to prevent reinjury as well as retaliation. Activities are centered around creative approaches to authentic relationship building, mental health and wellness, uplifting youth voices, and addressing social determinants of health. DLIVE intends to shift the paradigm on how Detroit's violently injured youth are thought of, cared for, and treated.


Tolulope Sonuyi serves DLIVE as the "health strategy coach," or more formally, the medical director. Prior to DLIVE, Tolulope worked as an emergency medicine physician and community servant, deepening his learning about the things that contribute to cycles of illness and poor health. While honoring the intimate awareness of the challenges that his contemporaries in the city of Detroit were facing, he became an advocate to uplift his community. Pulling in his life's teachable moments, things he didn't understand began making sense and puzzle pieces started coming together—and his call to serve and create in this space became clear. Tolulope has received Alkebu-lan's Community Leadership Award and Crain's Health Care Hero Award, and he was named an Emergency Physician of the Year by the Michigan College of Emergency Physicians. Tolulope is a 2019 Echoing Green Fellow.

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