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Terrence Stevens

2002 Global Fellow
Founder of In Arms Reach with Nina Rosenblum

Terrence Stevens 2002 Global Fellow

Bold Idea 

Change the trajectory of children with a parent in prison through programming and support for both children and their incarcerated parents.


Terrence "Twheels" Stevens is an inspiring poster-child of the draconian Rockefeller Drug Laws and leader of social changes for various political issues affecting urban communities and the criminal justice system. He has had personal visits from Bill Cosby and Russell Simmons, and a private meeting with George Soros. Terrence’s speaking engagements include Yale Law School, Harvard University, and Columbia University, and he has appeared on various media outlets such as CNN International, BET 106 & Park, NBC, ABC, RNN, Channel 9 UPN news, and Court TV, with Anchorwoman Cathleen Crier highlighting his community work. He was recently invited to the signing of Governor Paterson’s new Legislation of the Rockefeller drug laws, along with DOCS Commissioner Brian Fisher, NYS Assembly Standing Committee Chairmen, Keith L.T. Wright, Jeffrion Aubry, Majority Leader Sheldon Silver and many others.

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