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Sumit Dagar

2014 Global Fellow
Founder of Kriyate

Sumit Dagar 2014 Global Fellow

Bold Idea 

Transform the life experiences and outcomes for the specially-abled by making revolutionary products that bridge the ever-widening technology gap.


Kriyate, a small and energetic start-up enterprise based in India, works relentlessly to empathize with specially-abled users and to devise usable solutions to facilitate their needs and aspirations. The company has built a Braille Smartphone for the visually impaired which allows users to read mobile content using only their fingertips, and has also released a gesture-based accessibility app. Kriyate believes there are great opportunities for technologies to make a significant difference in quality of life for the specially-abled.


Sumit Dagar is a designer and technologist who puts his skills to use for innovating accessibility solutions. He believes that a deprived sense should not dictate an inability to use technology, rather, technology should adapt to user’s needs and capabilities. He founded Kriyate with this vision in 2012. Before founding the company, he headed a number of startups in services and products related to the design field. His work has earned him numerous awards and international recognition from such notable organizations as Rolex Young Laureate, TED fellowship, and MIT India TR 35. As of 2017, Sumit Dagar is the head of design at 1mg. 

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