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Sarah Strader

2019 Global Fellow
Founder of Two Rabbits

Sarah Strader 2019 Global Fellow

Bold Idea 

Build the next generation of indigenous leaders in Cameroon by establishing preschools using homegrown interactive audio curricula in their own language and cultural style.


Sarah Strader role plays a story with Two Rabbits preschool children in Djebe, Cameroon. Photo credit: Sarah Strader

Sarah Strader coaches teachers on early literacy strategies in Bigongol, Cameroon. Photo credit: Sarah Strader

Two Rabbits preschool students in Djangue show off their crank-powered mp3 device. Photo credit: Sarah Strader

Two Rabbits prepares indigenous Baka children in Cameroon to succeed in the forest, classroom, and beyond through locally made preschool education rooted in their culture and language. Baka storytellers, musicians, and parents record stories, songs, and games in audio form. Crank-powered mp3 players guide community-nominated teachers to bring learning to life and deliver high-quality lessons despite their own low literacy levels. In a world where following tradition and societal change is like "chasing two rabbits at once," Two Rabbits is leveraging Baka communities' passion and talents to bring both "rabbits" within reach.


Sarah Strader is the founder and executive director of Two Rabbits, a nonprofit that supports indigenous communities in Cameroon to establish preschools that blend forest- and classroom-based educations. Two Rabbits was born from Sarah’s year as a Fulbright researcher living in and working with Baka communities to understand how they balance formal schooling with hunting, gathering, and traditional medicine to prepare children to become successful adults. She co-designed the project with parents to honor their vision for quality education and their children's creativity and ingenuity. Sarah has worked in early education in Africa for eight years, with a focus on early childhood development, literacy, and local language instruction, including on nationwide USAID-funded reading programs in the DRC, Ghana, and Djibouti. Two Rabbits has so far served over 600 children in 10 villages, and won support from the Harvard University President's Innovation Challenge, Grand Challenges Canada, World Learning, and National Geographic. Sarah has an Ed.M. in international education policy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a BS from Georgetown University Walsh School of Foreign Service. Sarah is a 2019 Echoing Green Fellow.

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