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Raby Gueye

2019 Global Fellow
Founder of Teach For Senegal

Raby Gueye 2019 Global Fellow

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Improve educational outcomes for children in Senegal by recruiting and training local leaders to teach in underserved communities.


Raby Gueye joins a group of young ladies in a group photo after a deep discussion about their dreams. Photo credit: School Inspector Mamadou Fall

Raby Gueye greeting students at a local school in the Dioubrel region of Senegal - where Teach For Senegal plans to place its first cohort. Photo credit: School Inspector Mamadou Fall

Teach For Senegal seeks to tackle educational inequity in Senegal by recruiting and training leaders who are locally rooted to teach in underserved communities. Teach For Senegal provides participants with the support they need to change the lives of children irrespective of their socioeconomic status. Teach For Senegal envisions an education system that promotes Senegalese culture and traditions—a system that empowers students to challenge social norms, to strive for academic excellence, and to think critically about the world around them. Most importantly, Teach For Senegal envisions an education system that provides all citizens with their fundamental human right to a high-quality education.


Raby Gueye is the founder and CEO of Teach For Senegal, which seeks to provide equal opportunities for all children in Senegal to attain an excellent education. Originally from Senegal, Raby has experienced inequity firsthand. At the age of 8, Raby moved to the United States as a refugee, and since then, she has maintained a strong commitment to social justice issues. At Arizona State University, Raby assisted with research on gender violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Her role as an English speaker in underserved communities in India allowed her to collaborate with a diverse group of NGOs to help increase the literacy rate. In 2015, she was recruited by Teach For America to join a national corps of recent college graduates and professionals who commit to teaching in urban and rural public schools. As a teacher, Raby prioritized building strong relationships with her students and families to create an environment where all families feel welcomed and included. Raby has a master's degree in elementary education. Raby is a 2019 Echoing Green Fellow.

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