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Pranav Budhathoki

2015 Global Fellow
Founder of Local Interventions Group

Pranav Budhathoki 2015 Global Fellow

Bold Idea 

Conceive, design, and implement future-ready growth interventions by leveraging civic innovations, affordable technology, and applied policies.


Local Interventions Group (LIG) conceives, designs and implements growth focused policies and programs using efficient technology and innovation led service delivery process. LIG came into existence by pioneering crowdsourcing platform in Nepal to redress citizen grievances, and continues to innovate in close collaboration with the government agencies and international partners. LIG’s evolving forte is in conceiving new programs and policy prescriptions to enhance the government’s competence in delivering public services. LIG effortlessly integrates technologies and tools like GIS, mobile apps, mapping, and data & analytics into everyday governance.


Pranav Budhathoki is founder and chief executive officer of Local Interventions Group, applying affordable civic innovations and functional policies to enhance government’s service delivery, and advance growth and prosperity agenda. He set up the company with a conviction that harnessing the ingenuity of the citizens using available resources, not increasing aid dollars, solves society’s gravest problems. He has been commended by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister of Nepal for pioneering citizen grievance reporting and redress platform in Nepal. He has led Nepal programs for Peace Direct U.K., drawing inspiration that affected communities can solve their own problems. He has advised Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London, and is a published author with the Guardian, the Daily Telegraph, New Internationalist, Nepali Times etc. He has been awarded with LondonMet/ISH Scholarship, Gilbert Murray Trust Award, Bernard Brett Award and D-Prize. He has MSc in Comparative Politics (Democracy) from London School of Economics and BA in European Studies from London Metropolitan University, and holds academic credits from Tufts’ Fletcher School, York University Canada and Hiroshima City University.

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