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Pamela Collins

1997 Global Fellow
Founder of Society for Emotional Well-being Worldwide (SEWW)

Pamela Collins 1997 Global Fellow

Bold Idea 

Build a global community that helps to reduce human resource inequities in mental health by supporting and promoting the professional development of the mental health workforce worldwide.


The Society for Emotional Well-being Worldwide (SEWW) initially existed as a group of three projects focused on HIV prevention in psychiatric settings in the U.S. and South Africa as well as mental health training of primary care doctors in Argentina. The current mission is to build a global community that seeks to reduce human resource inequities in mental health by supporting and promoting the professional development of the mental health workforce around the globe. SEWW seeks to connect innovators in community mobilization, advocacy, program design, research, and clinical service provision, who are committed to assisting in the development and dissemination of creative solutions to mental health problems worldwide.


Dr. Pamela Collins, M.D. is the Associate Director for Special Populations and Director of the Offices for Special Populations, Rural Mental Health Research, and Global Mental Health at the National Institute for Mental Health.  As an assistant professor in the departments of epidemiology and psychiatry at Columbia University, Dr. Collins conducted research on the mental health aspects of the AIDS epidemic and worked to ensure access to HIV prevention and care for people with severe mental illness as well as access to mental health care services for people with HIV domestically and internationally.  Under Dr. Collins, NIMH will increase its focus on disparities in mental health both inside and outside of the United States. Dr. Collins has served as a consultant to the Directorate of Mental Health in South Africa and as a member of its Task Team for Policy Guidelines on HIV/AIDS in Psychiatric Institutions. She has served on the Advisory Group for the Movement for Global Mental Health and is a member of the WHO Integrated Management of Adult and Adolescent Illness mental health working group. Dr. Collins received her M.D. from Cornell University Medical College and an M.P.H. from Columbia University School of Public Health.  She retains her faculty appointments at Columbia, where she is an assistant professor of clinical epidemiology at the Mailman School of Public Health (MSPH), and assistant professor of clinical psychiatry at the College of Physicians and Surgeons.  Dr. Collins directed the Interdepartmental Global Health Track and was co-director of the Initiative for Maximizing Student Diversity at the MSPH.

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