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Nicola Wagenberg

1995 Global Fellow
Founder of Focusing: A West Philadelphia Community History Project

Nicola Wagenberg 1995 Global Fellow


Nícola Wagenberg, Ph.D. has worked for 20 years with diverse communities using the arts, media and psychology towards personal growth, cultural transformation and social justice. She was programs director with the Just Think Foundation, leading media literacy and media production projects in schools and after-school programs for teachers and youth. Currently, Nícola is Associate Director with The Cultural Conservancy, an organization dedicated to protecting and restoring indigenous cultures. She also co-facilitates workshops and has performed with the Herstories Project, a collective of women exploring and transforming ancestral legacies. Nícola is a co-leader and co-facilitator with the white noise collective, which examines the intersection of white privilege and sexism through dialogues and theater of the oppressed. As a psychologist in training, Nícola recently worked with individuals and groups at the Living Arts Counseling Center and led a drama therapy support group for Latina immigrant mothers.

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