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Ngor Majak Anyieth

Funded with support from the Jerome L. Greene Foundation
2017 Global Fellow
Founder of Education Bridge

Ngor Majak Anyieth 2017 Global Fellow

Bold Idea 

Create flourishing South Sudanese communities by developing a generation of peacemakers and transformational leaders.


Education Bridge seeks to create flourishing communities through peacebuilding and holistic education. Education Bridge achieves this mission through its school, Greenbelt Academy, a secondary school that selectively recruits and brings together students from different ethnic communities across South Sudan. Besides traditional academic requirements, these students are immersed in a conflict-transformation curriculum. The interactions we foster in our school help break stereotypes that fuel ethnic conflict, and create new narratives of peace. Short term, Education Bridge intends to create peace ambassadors, people to challenge the dominant biased narrative. Eventually, we want to create a South Sudan that finds pride and richness in its diversity.


Ngor Majak Anyieth is founder and president of Education Bridge Inc. Before starting Education Bridge, Majak helped run youth entrepreneurship seminars through a youth-led initiative called Build South Sudan. Majak's work with Build South Sudan and other experiences showed Majak the power of youth and did convinced him that when we change youth's mindset, we transform our communities. It is this belief in the power of youth and his experiences as a child in South Sudan and later in Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya, that led him to starting Education Bridge. As of 2017, Majak studied at the University of Notre Dame.

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