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Neha Juneja

2013 Global Fellow
Founder of Greenway Appliances with Ankit Mathur

Neha Juneja 2013 Global Fellow

Bold Idea 

Provide affordable home energy solutions to the rural poor in India by creating and distributing consumer-centric efficiency tools through existing local retail infrastructure.


Greenway was formed with the vision and ambition to serve rural consumers with high performance, affordable product based solutions. We deploy technologies into products through the process of user driven co-creation. Our first product, the Greenway Smart Stove, forms a modern replacement for traditional mud stoves, saving 65% fuel and emitting 70% less smoke, thus enabling healthier, happier kitchens. Greenway also works to build market based distribution networks that are cost efficient and provide for high service efficacy.


Neha Juneja is the co-founder & CEO of Greenway Appliances, a start-up designing and marketing efficient cooking solutions to rural households. Previously, Neha organized community-led projects and need-analysis consulting in a wide array of areas including agro forestry, primary energy supply, and water access across rural India. She has been internationally recognized for her excellence in product design. In addition to the numerous awards she has helped GGI secure, Neha was named 2010's Brightest Young Climate Leader by the Hindustan Times & British Council and won the L'Oreal Paris Femina Women Award for Science and Innovation in 2013. She earned her MBA from FMS, Delhi and a BE in Production & Industrial Engineering.

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