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Nedra Ginwright

2015 Black Male Achievement Fellow
Founder of Flourish Agenda with Carvell Wallace

Nedra Ginwright 2015 Black Male Achievement Fellow

Bold Idea 

Create pathways to mental well-being in communities of color by developing tools and programs that promote self-care and social action.


Flourish Agenda creates pathways to healing, well-being, and social action so that urban youth can overcome racial trauma and the psycho-social harm they experience every day. Flourish Agenda builds social emotional well-being and leadership skills of both young people and the educators and service providers who support them. By equipping schools, teachers, and youth service providers with curricula, training, technology, and technical assistance, Flourish Agenda provides transformative learning experiences to youth. When youth, educators, and youth workers experience healing and social emotional learning, they create more peaceful, supportive climates in neighborhoods and schools. Through a process of healing, Flourish Agenda transforms apathy to agency.


Nedra Ginwright is the chief flourish officer of Flourish Agenda, an Oakland-based organization that provides transformative leadership development and builds social emotional well-being among urban youth and youth serving professionals. Nedra learned from her mother the power of stepping up as a leader, working on behalf of the voiceless, and getting involved to change social conditions. Nedra previously co-founded and led Leadership Excellence, supporting youth leadership development for African American youth. During twenty-five years of working with urban youth, Nedra has seen the impact of internalized and externalized racism on youths’ physical, spiritual, and emotional health. She has also seen the profound individual and community impacts of racial healing and what happens when youth feel safe, open, and hopeful. These firsthand experiences drive Nedra, who firmly believes that we cannot thrive as a community or larger society if the trauma of personal and institutional racism is not addressed. Nedra received the Powerful Women Making a Difference Ebony Magazine Award in 2009 and has a Master of Science degree in Psychology.

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