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N. Taylor Thompson

2008 Global Fellow
Founder of PharmaSecure with Nathan Sigworth

N. Taylor Thompson 2008 Global Fellow

Bold Idea 

Use mobile technology to reduce the sale of counterfeit drugs in developing countries.


Counterfeit drugs are a major global health problem. Approximately $45 billion of counterfeit drugs were sold globally in 2006 and World Health Organization data suggest that as much as twenty-five percent of drugs sold in developing countries may be counterfeit, containing few or no active ingredients. These counterfeit drugs cause hundreds of thousands of people to die every year and contribute to the incidence of drug-resistant diseases. By using mobile technology to reduce the sale of counterfeit drugs in developing countries, PharmaSecure's approach addresses the public health crisis of counterfeiting in innovative ways that are secure and culturally appropriate for customers and cost-effective for pharmaceutical and government partners.


Taylor Co-Founded PharmaSecure in 2007 to curb the problem of counterfeit medicine, which causes hundreds of thousands of deaths and billions of dollars in losses each year. After managing technology, operations, and business development for PharmaSecure, Taylor returned to complete his undergraduate degree at Dartmouth in 2010. He then worked on business development with The OpEd Project with 2008 fellow Katie Orenstein, and is now studying business.

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