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Muhammad Zidani

Funded with support from the Jerome L. Greene Foundation
2015 Global Fellow
Founder of Duroos with Fadi Elobra

Muhammad Zidani 2015 Global Fellow

Bold Idea 

Close the achievement gap in the marginalized Arab community in Israel by preparing students for higher education using culturally adapted methodology.


Duroos promotes and empowers academic achievement by Arab students in Israel, overcoming the hurdles caused by an unbalanced educational system. Duroos’ local learning centers provide high standard materials, culturally adapted methodology, and a personal approach that enhances the students’ studies. Students receive tailor-made learning materials which cover skills such as reading and writing, and take courses that prepare them for matriculation exams for specific subjects such as mathematics and psychometrics and ending with vocational orientation. Duroos is narrowing and aiming to close the gap in education and academic achievement between the Arab minority and the general Israeli population.


Muhammad Zidani, chief executive officer of Duroos, has focused his professional career on education and his community. After practicing accounting, while preserving his social and political activism, he studied for his MBA degree in the Sofaer International MBA Program at Tel-Aviv University, focusing on finance and social change. He then served as a teaching assistant at Tel-Aviv University while maintaining his work as a tutor within his community. Muhammad received the Sofaer IMBA Scholarship in 2011 and The Arab Culture Association & Galilee Foundation's Scholarship in 2014.

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