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Momo Akade

2013 Black Male Achievement Fellow
Founder of GigaBryte

Momo Akade 2013 Black Male Achievement Fellow

Bold Idea 

Create new pathways into STEM fields for black male youth in the U.S. by using a wearable computing learning platform to teach foundational technology skills at an early age.


Telegraph Academy (formerly GigaBryte) is a platform that makes learning to code easy, fun, and cool. The platform consists of a drag-and-drop programming environment, wearable electronics that enable kids to show off their coding skills in the real world, and an online community where children can share their creations and remix the programs of others. Telegraph Academy was created to give kids the opportunity to express themselves by coding the things they love. We were in the winter 2013 batch of Imagine K12, the Y Combinator of the education industry.

Momo is a recent graduate of the Learning, Design, and Technology program at Stanford's Graduate School of Education. Before Stanford, Momo studied architecture and history at Yale University. She then went on to teach middle and high school history courses in CT, NJ, and NY. She also served as a dean at Prep for Prep, a leadership development program for under-represented students of color in NYC. While at Stanford, Momo conducted research on tangible toolkits for learning at the Transformative Learning Technologies Lab. Most recently, Momo was an Innovator-in-Residence at StartX, the Stanford-affiliated startup accelerator. She examines learning in formal and informal environments and designs technology-mediated solutions that bridge gaps between the two.
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