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Mimi Kim

2004 Global Fellow
Founder of Creative Interventions

Mimi Kim 2004 Global Fellow

Bold Idea 

Re-envision solutions to family, intimate partner, and other forms of interpersonal violence by embracing the values of social justice and liberation.


Despite the widespread and devastating consequences of intimate violence, current social services and state interventions fail to reach the many women and children unable or unwilling to engage in these systems. A 2003 Ms. Foundation report concluded that mainstream interventions offer inaccessible, disempowering, and even harmful solutions to women and children seeking safety. While other studies confirm that women facing violence are most likely to turn first to family and friends, many current anti-violence approaches discourage the involvement of these groups by limiting intervention options to the social service and criminal justice systems.

Based in Oakland, California, Creative Interventions targets these immediate and intimate networks and offers resources to maximize their capacity to intervene effectively in violence. The result is the creation of family and community safety networks and systems of intervention mobilized at early and multiple points of abuse.


Mimi Kim is Executive Director of Creative Interventions and a long-time anti-violence advocate and activist primarily working in Asian immigrant communities in the U.S. She is a member of the steering committee for the Asian & Pacific Islander Domestic Violence Institute and a founding member of Incite! Women of Color against Violence. She is also co-founder of two Korean domestic violence programs, KAN-WIN (Korean American Women in Need) in Chicago and Shimtuh in Oakland. Through her work at Creative Interventions, she is collaborating with a growing movement of grassroots community groups creating alternative interventions to domestic violence and sexual assault that also challenge state violence.

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