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Manish Bhandari

1995 Global Fellow
Founder of Resources International

Manish Bhandari 1995 Global Fellow


Dr. Manish Bhandari did his primary schooling in India and Switzerland, and attended the University of California at Berkeley on a University President’s Scholarship. While attending Harvard Medical School, he was awarded the Massachusetts Medical Society Scholarship as well as the Albert Schweitzer award two years in a row, for his humanitarian work teaching health education to learning handicapped and disabled children in Jamaica Plain near Boston, MA. The program he established while at Harvard Medical School is still operational and benefiting children of Jamaica Plain today. Influenced by his mother’s experience with breast cancer, he decided to pursue oncology training at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, Michigan. He has since pursued clinical trials in the development of new “targeted” anti-cancer treatments, which are likely to benefit cancer patients with breast, prostate, lung, bladder, and other solid tumors in the near future.

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