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Kyle Kornack

2018 Climate Fellow
Founder of Green Gas with Liam Madden

Kyle Kornack 2018 Climate Fellow

Bold Idea 

Offset emissions to restore atmospheric carbon balance by offering consumers and businesses simple opportunities to buy carbon-neutral fossil fuels.


Kyle Kornack, Executive Director of Green Gas, smiles with his Green Gas Card after launching it to the public. Credit: Kyle Kornack.

Green Gas’ founding team- (from left to right) David Cooch, Kyle Kornack, and Liam Madden Photo Credit: Craig LeMoult (WGBH).

Green Gas unlocks new funding for climate solutions by embedding carbon pricing into gasoline purchases. Americans who are concerned about climate change will appreciate having more sustainable choices at the gas pump with carbon-neutral gasoline and personalized green purchasing technologies. Green Gas works with gas stations and uses financial technology to bring convenience and affordability to sustainable consumerism. By embedding carbon offsets into fossil fuels, Green Gas leverages society's unavoidable fossil fuel use to finance sustainable development. Green Gas enables businesses and the public to work together to channel the will and resources needed to solve the critical challenge of climate change.


Kyle Kornack is co-founder and executive director of Green Gas. Prior to Green Gas, Kyle co-founded Boston's first organic beverage company, Jubali, where he worked for three years to scale a regional brand dedicated to local agriculture. Kyle has worked at the vanguard of the renewable energy industry, as he led a marketing team in a grassroots campaign that moved thousands of New England homeowners off oil heat. He has been recognized on the international stage as an innovator in sustainable behavior change. Kyle presented Green Gas on the floor of the United Nations in 2017, and he won MIT's Solve Initiative that same year. He holds a dual BA in environmental studies and philosophy from Northeastern University, where during his studies he served as an environmental educator in Boston public schools.

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