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Kevin Lee

2007 Global Fellow
Founder of A Single Drop for Safe Water with Gemma Bulos

Kevin Lee 2007 Global Fellow

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Develop safe, effective water systems in villages across the Philippines through the combination of low-cost water purification technology and local community ownership.


A Single Drop for Safe Water and Single Drop Consultancy Services is two organizations working together for a single vision " Empowered communities taking responsibility to improve their quality of life and managing their resources and capacities". Within the Philippines there are still large segments of the population with limited or no access to safe water or sanitation facilities. The program of ASDSW; develops within communities, demand for proper WaSH services as well as an awareness of its responsibilities; developing within government at all levels, mechanisms for transparent and accountable WaSH governance and; to meet this demand for WaSH services, the technical and management capacity of both the community and government built to ensure equitable access to WaSH services can be provided. ASDSW/SDCS uses the same models to guide its delivery of Humanitarian Response services in natural/complex emergencies and the follow up early recovery work. It is also in active partnership with government, UN and INGO's to improve the delivery of emergency WaSH services, ensuring those with the greatest needs receive help in an effective and dignified manner. To compliment the community/government and emergency work ASDSW/SDCS is also working within the education system to enhance existing government child healthcare programs that concentrate on behavior change of students while building local capacity to support or build facilities. As well as government education systems, non-government programs such as Muslim daycares are also covered. To change the paradigm, ASDSW uses SDCS to supply expertise to implement successful programs on the ground. It collaborates with other stakeholders within the sector to further enhance its programs and increase scale of impact and is now starting to use the models, gather and analyze data so as to advocate with government and non-government agencies to change from the traditional water/sanitation implementation model to a more sustainable long term service delivery model.


Kevin Lee was educated in New Zealand, where he earned a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical). After graduating, he worked as a consulting mechanical engineer, specializing in heavy industry in the north island of New Zealand. From 1995 to 2001, he worked in the steel industry in Georgia, U.S.A. His other jobs include general foreman for a 13" rolling mill, mill engineer, and production foreman in a mill start-up. After spending two years working as an industrial emission control equipment project manager, Kevin joined the Peace Corps as a water and sanitation volunteer in the Philippines. After his term was finished, he stayed in the Philippines and co-founded A Single Drop for Safe Water. ASDSW/SDCS in 2014 (8 yrs old) is now 5 offices with close to 80 staff working throughout the Philippines.

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