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Kago Kagichiri

2014 Global Fellow
Founder of Eneza Education with Toni Maraviglia

Kago Kagichiri 2014 Global Fellow

Bold Idea 

Increase literacy rates and academic achievement for rural African youth by utilizing a mobile-based, gamified learning system.


Eneza Education is looking to make kids in rural Africa smarter by offering a virtual tutor and teacher's assistant that works on a simple low-cost mobile phone. Students read lessons, take adaptive quizzes, view mobile report cards and ask live teachers questions. Teachers get reports on their students, assign them exercises, and receive tips on classroom management. Eneza encourages collaborative education by connecting parents, students and teachers with real-time feedback.


Kago Kagichiri is the chief technology officer and co-founder of Eneza Education, an organization that offers a virtual tutor and teacher's assistant that uses a simple low-cost mobile phone to make rural kids in Africa smarter. Kago taught himself to code at the age of seven, and has had a great passion to develop software ever since. At the age of twenty-one he took a keen interest in creating SMS applications for new markets that have no access to the internet/computers. In August of 2012, his teenage brother who had Cerebral Palsy died from a sudden illness. This inspired him to start Eneza Education and provide mobile education to under-served kids, who unlike his brother, could learn in school but didn't have resources or teachers. He strongly believes that infinite possibilities reside in giving children opportunities to thrive. Kago is also the founder of MiliQi Networks, and is an Unreasonable Fellow.

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