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Jeremiah Lemi Muia

2018 Climate Fellow
Founder of Carbofix East Africa

Jeremiah Lemi Muia 2018 Climate Fellow

Bold Idea 

Capture carbon dioxide emissions for the energy and industrial sectors in Kenya by converting CO2 to value-added, revenue generating products.


Carbofix East-Africa Ltd. works to improve air quality and control of unmitigated CO2 emissions from the energy and industrial sectors in Kenya and East Africa by capturing CO2, using low-cost inputs, and converting it to value-added products like glass, baking soda, and ethanol for extra revenue besides cashing in on the resultant carbon credits from the emissions reductions. Carbofix East-Africa Ltd. strives to be the best one-stop-shop partner in Africa on the full carbon capture, use, or storage value chain to help clients de-carbonize emissions for a reduced carbon footprint across the African continent.


Jeremiah Lemi is founder and CEO of Carbofix East-Africa Ltd. He is passionate about improving the air quality of the fast-growing energy and industrial sectors in Kenya and neighboring countries that emit unmitigated greenhouse gases, especially CO2. He leads a dynamic team of experts offering qualified consultancy services on plant-specific carbon capture options for clients spanning the steel, coal, thermal power generation, cement, and other related CO2-emitting industries. He is a PhD candidate studying climate change mitigation science and technology at Nairobi University and a member of UNFCCC CCUS since 2011. He co-founded CCUS Africa Institute.

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