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Jehiel Oliver

2015 Global Fellow
Founder of Hello Tractor

Jehiel Oliver 2015 Global Fellow

Bold Idea 

Increase food and income security in sub-Saharan Africa by producing affordable “Smart Tractors” and connecting their owners with farmers paying for timely tractor services via SMS.



Hello Tractor, Inc. is an agricultural technology social enterprise focused on improving food and income security for the rural poor, beginning in Nigeria. Hello Tractor has developed a low-cost Smart Tractor – embedded with GPS/telematics – which connect the Smart Tractors to cloud-based software. Hello Tractor’s software pairs Smart Tractor owners with farmers who can text for tractor services, all coordinated in the cloud (think Uber). Resources for farming in Nigeria are often supplied by entities that rely on grants and public funds, with limited scale and impact. Hello Tractor’s objective is to provide the means for self-sufficiency and economic growth.


Jehiel Oliver is the founder of Hello Tractor, an innovative shared-economy platform that makes tractor usage affordable to marginalized farmers in sub-Saharan Africa. Jehiel is responsible for the overall management of the Hello Tractor team, strategy, and partnerships. Prior to Hello Tractor, Jehiel founded Aya Consulting, a boutique development. At Aya he worked in over ten countries, including conflict zones. Through his work in agriculture and rural markets, Jehiel recognized a real need for low-income (majority women) farmers to access affordable farm machinery, leading him to found Hello Tractor. In addition to his duties at Hello Tractor, Jehiel also served on the board of H4H, Inc., an impact investment fund providing mortgage reinsurance for South African communities affected by HIV/AIDS. He also serves as board treasurer of Shared Interest, a loan guarantee fund for agriculture and financial sector development in sub-Saharan Africa. Jehiel began his career in the U.S. investment banking and private equity industries.

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