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Jamie Yang

2010 Global Fellow
Founder of EGG-energy

Jamie Yang 2010 Global Fellow

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Offer poor households and small businesses in Tanzania a comprehensive battery subscription service that will provide electricity for health, safety, and education benefits.


Jamie Yang has developed a broad foundation of knowledge and experience in engineering, energy, and business. After completing his PhD with research in Quantum Computation in 2008, Jamie directed his energy towards less esoteric subjects with more immediate impact: he did prototyping work with a microbial fuel cell startup and developed a business plan for geothermal heating systems. Finally, he worked to develop an energy company that serves customers in the developing world, EGG-energy. What drove Jamie and his colleagues to start EGG-energy was the realization of opportunity: The more they learned about electricity in Africa, the clearer they could see how expensive it is to be poor and how strong the demand is for better solutions. With funding from business plan competition awards and a private investor, Jamie moved to Tanzania in June 2009 to get EGG-energy off the ground.

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