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Fredrik Wikholm

2016 Climate Fellow
Founder of From Air

Fredrik Wikholm 2016 Climate Fellow

Bold Idea 

Decelerate climate change and set a new global standard by producing climate-positive clothing with synthetic fibers made from greenhouse gases.



From Air contributes to reversing global warming, turning greenhouse gas into climate-positive products. A B2B and B2C company, From Air produces and sells climate-positive clothing and textiles using synthetic fibers made from carbon-capture technology. From Air creates consumer awareness and demand through community building. The vision is to reverse global warming through using greenhouse gas as feedstock for all plastic-based production, phasing out fossil fuels and setting a new standard globally.


Fredrik Wikholm is co-founder of From Air, a company making climate-positive clothing and textiles using synthetic fibers made from greenhouse gas. In 2007, Fredrik co-founded the fashion brand Uniforms for the Dedicated, specializing in recycling textiles, established in 20 countries. In 2014 he launched the award-winning recycling initiative The Rag Bag and founded Dedicated Institute, pioneering sustainability in business through innovation. Originally from Sweden, Fredrik has channeled his love of nature into being a value-driven entrepreneur. Fredrik is on a mission to redefine business, shifting toward climate-positive impact. As a leader of a pioneering organization, he foresees a new economic paradigm, placing a healthy planet as the key building block of any business model. Fredrik sits on the board of the Association of Swedish Fashion Brands. Fredrik studied behavioral science at Stockholm University. He has presented at TEDxGöteborg, and his work has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, Vogue, Dagens Nyheter, Veckans Affärer, and Dagens Industri.

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