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Faty Tanriverdi

2011 Global Fellow
Founder of Adive with Majid El Jarroudi

Faty Tanriverdi 2011 Global Fellow

Bold Idea 

Transform the workforce of French corporations by connecting procurement officers with suppliers and entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities.


Every year, big companies spend billions of Euros in procurement, but discriminate against local entrepreneurs who do not have the right networks/reputation. Adive is bridging the gap by setting all entrepreneurs on an equal footing in the eyes of corporations through a unique platform that connects procurement officers’ needs and the potential of entrepreneurs in disadvantaged territories, which fosters an unprecedented shift of mind and reveals a new generation of first-class entrepreneurs.


Faty Tanriverdi holds a master degree in Business Law, and a BA in International Law from the Cambridge College. She attended the program on social entrepreneurship at Insead in 2008 and was part of the Foundation Rothschild’s pilot program on "Intercultural Relations through Entrepreneurship" at Columbia University in New York (2009). She joined an association managing dance companies in 2003, while also working for the Villettre Urban Festival in Paris, where she was in charge of public relations and educator training. In 2005, Faty founded the Sezam Café, a lounge in the 2nd district of Paris where she organizes cultural events. Most recently, in 2009 she co-founded the Agency for Diversity in Entrepreneurship (Adive), where she is responsible for development and entrepreneur relations.

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