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Eric Dawson

Echoing Green Fellowship Chaplain
1996 Global Fellow
Founder of Peace First

Eric Dawson 1996 Global Fellow

Bold Idea 

Build effective school climates by teaching children the skills of conflict resolution and civic engagement and by providing educators with the critical skills and knowledge to integrate social-emotional learning into the school’s curriculum and culture.


Eric Dawson is the President of Peace Games, a comprehensive peace and justice education program, that mobilizes hundreds young people to provide services to whole school communities, including students, families, and school staff. Inspired by his own experiences with violence during his childhood, Eric co-founded Peace Games in 1992 as an 18 year-old undergraduate at Harvard University. In the first year, he oversaw the growth of Peace Games from a one-day festival for children to share their vision of a peaceful world to a 10-week curriculum that prepares students for the Festival. Since then, Eric has led the growth of Peace Games through several phases, including incorporation in 1996 and its conscious move toward whole school climate change work from 1999 onward. Prior to Peace Games, Eric served as Education Director for a summer program in Roxbury, MA, and spent three years doing disability awareness work in Columbus, Ohio.

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