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Derick Pearson

2017 Black Male Achievement Fellow
Founder of Code Fever Miami Inc. with Felecia Hatcher

Derick Pearson 2017 Black Male Achievement Fellow

Bold Idea 

Build asset- and talent-filled spaces in Black communities where innovation can thrive by focusing on drawing resources, training, networks, funding, and instituting inclusive policies.


Photos courtesy of Code Fever Miami.

Code Fever Miami reshapes Black communities into thriving innovative, engaging, productive, and value-producing innovation spaces. Code Fever attracts and nurtures talent through BlackTech Meetups and BlackTech Office Hours. Code Fever Miami fosters civic and economic engagement with BlackTech Weekend and BlackTech Week. Code Fever enhances opportunity with its VC In Residence program. Code Fever Miami's plan is to raise a $50 million fund to increase the number of Black-founded, high-growth tech firms. Code Fever will reshape policies impacting diversity and inclusion, and change the narrative about what diversity and inclusion means for the innovation sector.


Derick is a founder, president, and CFO of Code Fever Miami. Derick started his career as a financial analyst, and transitioned into experiential marketing for seven years managing campaigns for national brands. Derick was a successful entrepreneur and a financial and IT professional, but it was only while attending tech conferences and reading research reports that Derick learned Miami has the largest wealth gap. He also learned of the horrible diversity numbers of tech firms. Derick witnessed the wealth generating ability of the innovation sector and Miami's Black communities struggling to find meaningful employment and startup support. Motivated by the way other Blacks in the tech sector throughout the nation possessed a sense of purpose and pride, Derick dove into his own belief in the power of economic development and community building. Derick and Code Fever have been recognized by NBC, The Huffington Post, Source, and others. Derick is a former White House Champion of Change, BMe Fellow, and SXSW Advisor. Derick holds a BA from Morehouse College.

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