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DeMar Pitman

2017 Black Male Achievement Fellow
Founder of Discriminology

DeMar Pitman 2017 Black Male Achievement Fellow

Bold Idea 

Expand equitable access to educational excellence for students of color by developing and publicizing an equity rating that compares school districts based on data-driven performance metrics.



Discriminology uses a data-driven approach to create excellence through equity in our public education system. Families can easily use Discriminology’s innovative data platform to compare the relative quality of local educational agencies (LEAs), within and across states. Based on widely accepted indicators of educational equity, Discriminology's comprehensive school district ratings and scorecards offer up a common language for identifying quantifiable areas of growth. Giving schools a clearer picture of the causes and symptoms of equity problems and parents a platform to organize and mandate change, Discriminology ignites actionable dialogs between families and schools. Ultimately, Discriminology strives to build community consensus around positive, tangible steps towards a racially equitable Public Education System.


DeMar Pitman is the founder and executive director of Discriminology, a nonprofit at the intersection of technology and racial justice. Having identified the need to develop a web-based data visualization platform and standardized scoring model that evaluates schools and districts on key equity measures, DeMar believes strongly in the power of technology to shrink long-standing equity and achievement gaps that currently exist in education. A direct product of non-traditional technology-based learning, he has earned verified credentials from a number of top institutions including University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania, and Cornell University. As a Pi Gamma Mu graduate of the University of South Florida, a restorative justice coordinator and educator of at-risk elementary and middle school-aged boys, and a staunch advocate for culturally responsive educational practices, DeMar works tirelessly to reduce the harmful effects of a broken education system on invalidating the lives of African-American youth.

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