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Daniel Tellalian

1998 Global Fellow
Founder of Urban Analysis Project (UAP)

Daniel Tellalian 1998 Global Fellow


The primary mission of the Urban Analysis Project (UAP)(no longer operational) is to catalyze urban infrastructure development by linking community interests and real estate developers. UAP brings community vision to experienced developers by producing site analyses and real estate proposals that make the case for new investment. Specifically, UAP makes proposals for potential industrial, office, retail, and residential developments in the Los Angeles Empowerment Zone -- roughly South Central and East LA. By conducting and presenting the same due diligence that real estate developers rely on, UAP hopes to shatter the perception that neglected low-income communities cannot be developed successfully. UAP believes superior market, legal, and financial analysis proves otherwise. By providing free pre-development consulting, UAP eliminates one of the barriers to community-based development.


Daniel Tellalian is managing partner of Avivar Capital, a US-based SEC-registered impact investment advisory firm headquartered in Los Angeles.  He is an economic development expert with two decades of experience in the financial services and food retailing sectors, focusing on investments in low-income communities.  He is a founding board member of the Center for Place-based Initiatives, the Los Angeles River Revitalization Corporation, and the Los Angeles Food Policy Council.  Daniel is also a licensed California attorney and CPA.

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