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Christine Su

2016 Climate Fellow
Founder of PastureMap

Christine Su 2016 Climate Fellow

Bold Idea 

Improve carbon sequestration in soil, and help ranchers raise cattle on healthy grassland, by distributing digital grazing, soil, and rainfall records.


Christine Su, founder of PastureMap, discusses optimal grass species with grazing consultant at a grassfed field demo day. Photo courtesy of PastureMap.

California rancher Doniga Markegard uses PastureMap to track grass recovery after grazing moves, with her herd behind her. Photo courtesy of PastureMap.


PastureMap empowers ranchers to raise cattle on a healthy base of grasslands. They use simple, mobile records with analytics to make ranchers more productive. By digitizing records, we unlock farmer-to-farmer information sharing to help reverse climate change by regenerating grasslands and soils. If all grasslands globally were managed to their full potential, we could reverse atmospheric carbon to pre-industrial levels within 20 years.


Christine Su is CEO and founder of PastureMap, a social enterprise that helps ranchers record grazing practices and unlock information about best practices to improve grasslands. She previously worked at McKinsey and KKR Capstone, where she was an operations professional building performance management systems for companies. Christine has struggled with a lifetime of food allergies and started PastureMap to help local farmers and ranchers succeed operationally. After leaving her operations career, she worked on farms in four continents and talked to 1,300 farmers and ranchers before building PastureMap. Christine has three degrees from Stanford University: an MBA, an MS in land use and agriculture, and a BA.

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