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Charles Maisel

2004 Global Fellow
Founder of Men on the Side of the Road

Charles Maisel 2004 Global Fellow

Bold Idea 

Increase the abilities of unskilled, unemployed people to earn a sustainable income by creating a bridge between employment opportunities and MSR members.


MSR seeks to bridge the gap between the growing economy and unemployed people with low skills by increasing people's ability to earn a sustainable income. The provision of short term employment does not address long term unemployment problems; neither does it build individuals' skills to the level where there is long term demand for their services. MSR promotes the recruitment, on a full or part time basis, of their members. They act as a link between employers and members. Members are recommended to employers based on MSR's assessment of their skills, either via direct assessment or via experience with previous employment. MSR focuses on providing teams to contractors, events management, small SMME’s and private homeowners. Typical skill categories are: gardeners, landscapers, general workers, painters, bricklayers, plasterers, cleaners, tilers and site laborers.


Charles Maisel is a visionary changemaker who views himself less as an entrepreneur and more as a social artist who creates pieces of work that are unique and evocative. Charles’ approach to social entrepreneurship is revolutionary – addressing everyday problems with ingenious solutions. Amongst his most famous projects are Men on the Side of the Road, Shanduka Black Umbrellas, lavender in lavender hill, The stickfighting company, 81 Gangster Museum, HUHO street gyms, Indledlana Rock Roads project and The Broccoli Project. Innovation Shack is a social enterprise, a hub of social innovation, which constantly researches, develops, finances and launches new social entities to tackle pertinent issues. He hopes that his efforts through Innovation Shack will inspire the rising generation of changemakers to come up with new ideas and unique approaches.

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