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Aziz Alghunaim

2018 Global Fellow
Founder of Tarjimly with Atif Javed

Aziz Alghunaim 2018 Global Fellow

Bold Idea 

Eliminate language barriers between refugees and NGOs in Europe and North America by making it easy for bilingual people to volunteer as remote real-time translators.


Aziz explaining how Tarjimly works at One Happy Family community center to coordinators and refugees of Moria Camp in Lesvos, Greece that speak Arabic, Farsi, Dari, and French. Photo courtesy of Atif Javed.

The Tarjimly team based in Silicon Valley. Photo courtesy of Atif Javed

Aziz demonstrating how Tarjimly works to a team of medics and therapists from Boat Refugee Foundation in Lesvos, Greece. Photo courtesy of Atif Javed.


Tarjimly is a messaging app that instantly connects the world's 23 million refugees with translators who can help them integrate and communicate with medics, lawyers, and aid workers. The app makes it easy for any of the world's 3 billion bilinguals to volunteer as real-time translators from anywhere and directly help a refugee right from a mobile phone. Tarjimly aims to eliminate language barriers for refugees and prove that technology can mobilize millions of people and their remote skills to help those in need.


Aziz Algunaim is co-founder of Tarjimly, a tech nonprofit that enables bilinguals to volunteer as realtime translators for refugees. He leads the technical product development efforts, leveraging the latest technologies in social messaging and machine learning to provide a translator for every refugee in need. Previously, he worked as a software engineer at Palantir in Silicon Valley, enabling data-driven decision making in finance, aircraft manufacturing, and oil & gas. His final project used Big Data to optimize global aid delivery and made him realize the powerful role technology can and should play in increasing the efficiency of humanitarian services. Aziz received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science, with a focus on machine learning, from MIT in 2015.

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